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The solar innovation centre stands on the largest single site renewable energy generation park in the world.

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The Project

Located in the middle of the Dubai desert it is ideally located to maximise solar energy. At full output it will eventually produce in excess of 5000MW of power, enough to power 3 separate 1m+ population cities. The innovation centre acts as a museum and exhibition for solar and renewable energy – it attracts tourists, universities, schools, companies and industry partners. The building is 4000m2 with a 90m high spire and aims to enhance Emirati capabilities in energy, to improve Dubai’s competitiveness, develop renewable energy technologies and support its development in the region as a whole. It also spreads awareness of climate change, sustainable development and informs people about solar energy through interactive shows and educational tours. We were appointed by the MEP engineers for the project to provide a turnkey Building Physics solution for them, this included LEED energy modelling, internal and external daylight analysis both to satisfy LEED criteria and also to validate incident sunlight hours on various walls to ensure longevity of various pieces of artwork. We also fully analysed and optimised the plant selections, cooling capacity and fresh air provision to consider the large and variable occupancy parameters of the building. The building was certified LEED Platinum and we also provided evidence to assist in the building certification process.

Project Statistics

LEED Platinum

The project has been awarded an Platinum rating by LEED reflecting the improvements in thermal comfort, visual comfort, daylighting and energy credits.

One of the largest solar farms in the world.

At 3,800m2 it is the largest photovoltaic solar power facility in the UAE region.

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