Planning Support

Our range of specialist planning reports can help your development comply with various local regional and national planning policies without having significant detriment to the project goals – in fact early engagement in the process can lead the conceptual design down the right path early on, making sure that the planning submission is right first time.

Sustainability/Energy Statements

Providing specialist Planning Support in line with the latest national and local government policies.

Planning policy at National Level is consistent and well defined – at Local Level the specific and varied commitments to a sustainable and low carbon future by Authorities throughout the UK vary significantly – there are calls for BREEAM minimum standards, % of energy to be delivered by LZC technologies, carbon reductions from renewables and performance measured against a whole spectrum of benchmarks and historic standards.

Our approach means that we can produce reports which will not only satisfy those local planning policies, but also provide a key working document for your design and construction teams throughout the build.

London Plan

Development within the greater London is required to demonstrate carbon reduction in line with Policy 5.2 of the London Plan and implement an energy hierarchy more commonly termed ‘Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green’.

The Local Plan of individual boroughs must also be considered and measures included to satisfy their commitment to energy reduction, decarbonisation and air quality. It can be a nuanced and difficult to navigate the process, even more so now that the electricity grid has seen such de-carbonisation that energy strategies defined by outdated building regulation calculations are being encouraged to adopt alternative approaches.


The importance of visual comfort to building occupants cannot be underestimated.

A visually stimulating environment paired with a balanced and well daylit space has proven benefits for occupant health and productivity, increasing cognitive function and providing a general feeling of wellbeing.

Our analysis informs architectural design of spaces so that resultant energy and overheating performance are balanced against a backdrop of natural light.

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