Key Details

The NBB Headquarters building is located in Manama, a large city in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It consists of 2 commercial towers, 15 and 26 storeys.


The Project

The ventilation and conditioning systems were life expired and the environmental conditions and air quality within the building were rated as very poor by the occupants, contributing to low productivity and high absenteeism. We were commissioned to survey both towers to identify issues with the HVAC systems and to put forward potential remedial works for consideration. The complete ventilation & cooling system has been replaced with a system to enhance air quality and lessen energy impact. This is being completed floor by floor in a live working environment. Our duties included the complete turnkey design, thermal energy & airflow modelling. Our group is also resonsible for the project management & delivery of the £7m+ project.

Project Statistics


Energy Reduction

The building is now experiencing a energy reduction of 50%, due to the implementation of strategies proposed by ZED.

Global HQ building

As the property was to become the global HQ, National Bank of Bahrain wanted to improve the air quality for their staff to improve employee health & wellbeing.

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