Sustainable Environments

Energy and environmental certification methods provide a common thread through projects helping teams to achieve their conceptual ambitions by keeping all stakeholders connected, engaged and informed.


BREEAM is the longest serving environmental assessment methodology and a familiar acronym in most aspects of the construction industry. BREEAM or Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, was first introduced by the Building Research Establishment in 1990. It is a method used to assess, rate, and certify the sustainability of buildings.

The general BREEAM process comprises three distinct assessment parts; pre-assessment, design-stage and post-construction, undertaken by a BRE trained and registered Assessor. Target credits are selected by the design team based upon the specific development opportunities and team aspirations.

While a BREEAM Assessor will conduct the final assessments and rating, having a BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP) as part of your design team can be key to the success of a buildings final BREEAM rating. An AP has specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design, with a high level of competence and understanding of BREEAM and the assessment process buildings go through to be certified. Having an AP on hand throughout will mean that the final rating is achieved with the sustainable measures most suitable to the project, ensuring the clients’ money is spent where it can add true sustainable value.

BREEAM is constantly evolving to ensure that the process remains relevant to societal, environmental and political needs. The certification is a robust, established and familiar process that promotes higher building standards which add real value.

At ZED we are proud of our BREEAM AP – Accredited Professional status. and have the experience to help at any stage in the BREEAM process, but if we get involved at early in the design process, we are able to make the biggest difference to overall sustainability of a project.


Carbon Reduction

We have been delivering low carbon buildings for almost 2 decades. maximising BREEAM credits, low EPC ratings and innovative methods to comply with national, regional and local carbon Planning targets.

We are also highly experienced in residential development, completing SAP calculations for housebuilders and developers on both low and high density schemes. From housing associations to high end city centre apartments, all must comply with the same legislation and contribute equally towards our low carbon future.

Carbon Reduction
Carbon Reduction

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