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We provide full suite thermal modelling and compliance services for the McDonalds modular construction roll-out throughout the UK, having completed over 120 projects during a partnership stretching back over 7 years.

Elliotts / McDonalds

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Servicing and build strategy has to remain consistent to achieve the standardisation which makes modular construction both fast and cost effective, the challenge faced is by creating a product which incorporates a set of common features whilst complying with the differing energy & carbon reduction requirements & Building Regulations across the 4 countries of the UK; Part L in England and Wales, Part F in Northern Ireland and Section 6 in Scotland. The advent of new building layouts must first be rigorously tested against each set of Building Regulations in numerous geographic locations & building orientations to find the perfect combination of components, enabling compliance at sites with and without natural gas supplies. We have also undertaken additional modelling duties for sites which are BREEAM certified and provided energy statements for planning purposes.

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