Key Details

We were part of the concept development team for L&G’s entry into the modular homes market working on a suite of ‘type variants’ using innovative building materials.

L & G Modular

The Project

The nature of modular / volumetric housing means that the services interfaces must be very carefully designed and considered both to ease speed of on-site connections and to enable flexibility & future maintenance. We devised a concept of a central ‘energy centre’ which could be adapted to provide energy from numerous sources – Heat pump heating, solar hot water, gas and all electric options were all accommodated for various site locations, budgets and availability of resources. Our analysis also provided routes to the highest EPC bandings and helped to design the dwellings to limit heat build up, mitigate overheating and maximising natural light ingress.
We undertook TM49 domestic overheating analysis to define the requirements for opening windows, trickle ventilators and enhanced ventilation rates for MVHR systems – a by product of which would be to significantly improve air quality with the homes.

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