Key Details

We were commissioned during the competitive bid stages of the project to assist the contractor team initially with validation of the performance concept proposed by the client team.

The Project

We took this a step further by completing an in-depth optimisation study for both schemes realising considerable cost savings whilst increasing the performance of the building when measured against the key project metrics. The performance design and specification surrounding the overheating standard was not fully developed nor aligned to any particular standard. Extensive modelling was undertaken for presentation to the client so they understood exactly what conditions they could expect under certain circumstances. We remaining on hand throughout the detailed design and construction stages to validate design and specification changes, we also provided BREEAM consultancy to the site team to enable the Excellent rating to be achieved. This was of particular importance as the buildings were sealed and thermal comfort was completely reliant on the performance of the mechanical, peak lopped, ventilation system. Enhancements to thermal comfort levels in line with BB102 were subsequently agreed and designs developed accordingly.

Project Statistics


Carbon Reduction

The building is now experiencing a 35% carbon reduction, due to the implementation of strategies proposed by ZED.

BREEAM Excellent

The project has been awarded an Excellent rating by BREEAM reflecting the improvements in thermal comfort, visual comfort, daylighting and energy credits.

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