Key Details

A dynamic, growing business needs creative and focused minds in order to keep up with the demanding E-commerce, digital marketing industry and increasing client aspirations.

The Challenge

Digital Velocity, a young, rising business is no different.

With a staff increase of nearly 88% in the last 12  atmonths the office space taken over a long lease period was starting to feel less productive as the floor filled up with new staff. Feeling jaded and slightly uncomfortable as the day progressed the senior management team decided that steps needed to be taken in order to improve the conditions and understanding the environment they work.

Digital Velocity are located in the centre of Leeds in a renovated mill building, office space which relies on natural ventilation for fresh air controlled by the tenant.

“We appointed ZED to assess their environment and offer feedback on how the conditions could be improved and implement changes towards managing the office environment.”
Chris Longfellow, Head of Business Development at Digital Velocity

The Solution

We installed RESET and WELL accredited sensor equipment to view the conditions over a 4 week period, giving constant feedback while building a longer-term picture on how Digital Velocity can better control their working environment.

“When office spaces increase in occupancy and there is no means to increase fresh air rates,  increasing CO2 levels and lower thermal comfort can decrease business productivity. We discussed the impact high levels of CO2can have on the cognitive function over the course of the day while lower levels of thermal comfort can also distract the mind and increase personal dissatisfaction.”
Shaun Hill, Healthy Building Manager at ZED

Awareness is key in a naturally ventilated building. We could see from our analysis over the 4 week period that CO2 would increase above optimum levels by mid-morning while temperatures can rise above thermal comfort levels by the same time having a double negative impact on staff performance.

Services Applied:
Thermal Comfort

The Result

Our main focus was to engage with senior management and staff outlining the benefits in understanding their air quality, how this benefits their productivity and enhances their experience in the office.

We developed a strategy through creating awareness and making practical changes in allowing an increase of fresh air into the space keeping CO2 and temperature at a level that would increase concentration and comfort.

Project Statistics


Average Awair score following trial period & recommendations.


Productivity Increase

Up to 30% increased productivity in the workplace.


Better Engagement

15% better engagement with staff when interacting regarding their working environment.


80% Increase

In employee awareness in air quality within the office.

The whole team embraced the changes consulted by ZED and we can see a marked improvement in our staff’s productivity and engagement. It was encouraged to make the live data available to all employees so they can see the results in real-time and adapt their local condition or clothing to suit their personal comfort while also encouraging the team to open windows or outlets when we could see CO2 levels were increasing or the team was feeling fatigued.
Not only has this increased our level of comfort and performance but our engagement with the team has increased their wellbeing in the space and has lead to more open dialogue which we can use to make their experience in the office the best possible.

Tom Kemp

Commercial Director at Digital Velocity

Working With ZED

ZED offer a turnkey project solutions in evaluating client’s needs and local environment while also qualified to progress offices through the RESET Air Quality Standard Certification route which acknowledges high performing spaces for health and productivity.

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