Key Details

One of the first projects for our strategic partnership with Integra Modular Buildings Ltd who were engaged by Kier Construction to provide a turnkey package for a new primary school in Northfleet, Kent.

The Project

Due to the construction method, standardisation of components was a paramount consideration, particularly for fenestration, classroom ventilation and environmental systems. Extensive internal environment modelling was undertaken to prove compliance with the KCC bespoke overheating criteria to the satisfaction of their own consultant team. The elevational treatment was unusual for a school and this brought its own challenges for daylight and overheating compliance. Our solution was a network of rooflights to bring light to the rear of the first floor spaces and a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system bringing air from intakes on the roof. This allowed the clean lines of the undisturbed cladding to be realised whilst retaining a ’modularised’ strategy which would be easily implemented off-site.

Project Statistics


Improvements in Thermal Comfort

The building is experiencing a 15% improvement in thermal comfort, due to the implementation of strategies proposed by ZED.


‘Compliance Plus’ for Daylighting

The building has achieved +20% ‘compliance plus’ for daylighting.

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