Introduction to Air Quality

The need to address air quality in our towns and cities is rising up the national agenda.

External monitoring has revealed harmful levels of pollutants are now prevalent. How does this air permeate through to the indoor environment, affecting occupants health? How does the build up of indoor pollutants, like CO₂, affect cognitive function, decision making and productivity? We have undertaken significant research & development in this field. Our aim is to help building users establish, track and improve their air quality.

Installation Service

Our installation services enable ZED to deliver a start to finish solution.

We can directly supply & install accurate equipment to assess your air quality data. We design the location of equipment to give best results – from outdoor highly polluted zones to internal spaces offering varying potential for pollutants. We commission the equipment and connect the data stream to a live dashboard platform – this gives clients direct, real time, access to all aspects of their air quality environment.

Monitoring & Performance Verification

Interpreting the running performance is key to implementing changes for the better.

Our consultancy service gathers data to analyse building performance over a period of time, assessing air quality in line with building occupation, weather conditions, tasks analysis and ventilation performance. We take this data and provide health and productivity reporting while applying improvement measures to increase air quality levels where required.

Ventilation Effectiveness

Understanding the ventilation strategy in any building is important when assessing air quality conditions.

Natural ventilation strategies usually rely on occupants to operate windows or dampers to improve air quality. This can bring problems when outside air quality is unknown & we often find that natural ventilation is solely used to regulate the thermal environment, unwittingly to the detriment of air quality.

Mechanical ventilation systems are used to keep air quality at an optimum but as building patterns change, the ventilation strategy often remains fixed & occupancy focused air is lost.

We make full assessments of building ventilation strategies to verify if the air is being delivered to the right places in the right quantities. This assessment makes sure the building is filled with fresh air & the system filtration is working effectively. Often, additional system efficiencies can be realised, reducing energy and carbon emissions.

Certify and Maintain

Our remote air quality management and maintenance service allows ZED to take responsibility for your air quality and provide active feedback and assurance that your building maintains the highest performance possible.

RESET certification can be applied to existing running buildings or as part of the air quality on-going data monitoring requirements for Fitwel and WELL re-certification.

We are RESET AP’s and can design and deliver your RESET certification project.

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